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Marina & Moorage

Marina-&-RocksmushThe marina at Pender Harbour Resort provides deep water moorage and is in the sun all day from the East to the West. Moorage is available annually, monthly, or daily and can provide slips up to 50 feet.

Arriving by boat?

Please use SwiftHarbour’s convenient online booking tool – works on all devices and screen sizes.

Guests of our Marina have full use of the property including the sports field, gazebo, swimming pool, communal fire pit, laundry, showers, and a boat launch. Also shore power is included in our rates and we have fresh water on the docks year round. All marina guests park in the gated compound.

Pender Harbour Marina Rates


Minimum 2 hr rentals. Prices subject to change. Boat launch is $10 per use.

Motorboat (90 hp):

  • Rate is $75 per hour
  • down riggers available for rent
  • fishing tackle available for rent
  • day rate is $450
  • motor is 90HP
  • boat has 6 seats
  • rentals include 25L of fuel
  • depth finder/fish finder included

Kayaks: $30/2 hrs.
Paddleboards: $25/2 hrs.


Moorage is available for vessels up to 50′ in length. Reasonable use of shore power is included in all rates.

Annual: $8.75/ft/month.
Annual rate for all boats 24′ to 35′ over is $8.75/ft/month

Annual rate for boats 35-45′ $9/ft/month

Annual rate for boats over 45′ $9.50/ft/month
6 Months Summer: $11/ft/month
6 Months Winter: $9/ft/month
June – September: $15/ft/month
Daily transient: $1.50/ft/day



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